Community Spotlight

The “Spotlight” was borne out of a desire to share our fellow runners’ and community leaders’ passions and achievements, with the intent of inspiring others.


How Long Do Running Shoes Last?

(Updated from the original article published in March 2016)   How long do running shoes last? It is an age-old question.  We hear it every day.  The answer typically provided by shoe retailers and manufacturers alike has been of the one-size-fits-all variety: “a typical running shoe should last 300-500 miles”.  Zzzzzzzzzz. If someone tells you your […]

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Community Spotlight: Kelly Roberts

Kelly Roberts is a Brooklyn based running coach and creator of the storytelling platform She Can & She Did, the #SportsBraSquad, an initiative redefining what strength looks like, and the Run, Selfie, Repeat podcast. What got you started running? And what keeps you going? Honestly, I was just desperate enough to start running. I was […]

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Community Spotlight: Allison Hauser

Allison’s love for Girls on the Run comes from a desire to inspire other through fitness, to engage others in healthy lifestyles and to empower young girls. Team sports have always been a part of Allison’s life, and she enjoys the camaraderie of such and is honored to help young girls build friendships and confidence, along with a love for running, through the program. Allison began volunteering for Girls on the Run NYC in 2006, and started in 2007 as a volunteer coach, and in 2012 transitioned into her current staff role as Executive Director.

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Community Spotlight: Candice Huffine

Model, designer, and body activist Candice Huffine is no stranger to the limelight, but a newfound passion for running has allowed her to find her voice outside of the fashion world. Candice, who was motivated to share her own running journey, founded the online community, Project Start. Through Candice’s efforts, what began social media campaign has brought together thousands of veteran and new runners alike to share their stories, encouraging all women to just start!

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Community Spotlight: Sara Hunninghake

Sara Hunninghake is the Community Manager at Finish Line Physical Therapy and a licensed massage therapist. She graduated from the LMT program at the Swedish Institute, and is also recognized as a Fellow of Applied Functional Science from the Gray Institute. Prior to joining the FLPT staff in 2011, Sara worked in a media operations role […]

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