Group Runs

The NYC running community is as diverse, unique and inspiring as any in the world. We open our doors as a “clubhouse” to any club, crew or group who desires to host runs or events -private or public- at either of our locations.

The following weekly runs* are scheduled out of our Park Slope location:

Wednesday, 6:30pm: Brooklyn Track Club

Thursday, 7pm: Dashing Whippets 

Saturday, 9:00am: Brooklyn Track Club

Saturday, 9:30am: Badass Lady Gang

Sunday, 9:00am: Adidas Runners (Jessie Zapo)

1st Sundays, 10:30am: Trail Women BK

* All groups runs out of our shops are currently suspended due to precautionary measures related to COVID-19; please visit the respective groups’ websites (hyperlinked above) and/or social media channels to learn more about their respective missions and stories, or email us and we will be more than happy to advise based upon your preferences.

Community Spotlight

Below we provide updates, informative pieces, share news and most importantly: tell the compelling stories of runners who comprise our community. This Community Spotlight initiative was born out of a desire to share our fellow runners’ passions and achievements with the intent of inspiring others.


Community Spotlight: Darcy Budworth

Darcy Budworth is a seasoned veteran of the NYC urban running scene. And a bit of a sweetheart. She has recently taken up the role of race director over her and her husband’s (Adam) Take the Bridge race series. Read on to learn more about her story, which is a microcosm of the evolution of the current urban running landscape in the NYC.

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How Long Do Running Shoes Last?

How long do running shoes last? It is an age-old question.  We hear it every day.  The answer typically provided by shoe retailers and manufacturers alike has been of the one-size-fits-all variety: “a typical running shoe should last 300-500 miles”.  Zzzzzzzzzz. If someone tells you your shoe should last about 300-500 miles, well, that’s kinda lazy.  And frankly, […]

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